About Me

Hi, I am Sarah Louise Lynch and I hope to share my exploration of Slip decorated ceramics

2o+ years on and I’m still designing for Industry. Timed served in Clothing, Horticulture and Automotive Accessories. But now as my family matures and commitments lighten, there is at last time to develop my passion.

I am hand building in stoneware, and decorating with oxides and coloured slips. Always aiming to capture the essence of character in the sculptures I create.

Living on the Wirral: One of Britain’s best kept secrets, it’s not difficult to find inspiration from my immediate surroundings.




  1. Dear Sarah, Finally got round to looking at your blog. I hope Paul was helpful. I also hope that you become more involved in NWP as we need people who can communicate who are also computor literate. I am trying to attend the open doors event tomorrow -old borrowed Land-Rover permitting- so possibly see you there. Regards Richard

    1. Hi Richard, Paul was ever so kind and incredibly helpful. I called in to Ruthin Jail today and met 3 lovely NWP : Eleni, Jenny and Rebecca. (Bumped into Paul too) I had a lovely day, watching Jenny and Rebecca working, whilst Eleni and I asked a thousand questions! I was sad not to see any other NWP because I can’t make tomorrow. However perhaps I’ll bump into a few on 5th Oct as I have signed up for Brendan Hesmondlagh’s workshop/Demo and hands on event at Ruthin Craft Centre. I will be sad to miss you tomorrow but I will try my upmost to come to the AGM and we can talk then, if not before.

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